Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Our Camber ward is a specialist inpatient service for men who have a confirmed diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC). The service supports up to twelve Service Users in a mix of individual flatlets and en-suite double bedrooms.

Patients who are referred to our service may also have co-morbid mental illness (e.g. mood disorders, ADHD, psychosis etc.), developmental and Capital Personality Disorders. Patients with complex needs may not have responded to treatment in a generic mental health setting and may require a specialist rehabilitation service to help reduce the risk to self and others and help them to progress with their life.

Camber can provide specialist psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic assessments and specialist interventions with a full Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) compromising of psychology, occupational therapy, psychiatry, nursing, social work and speech and language therapy. Part of the specialist inpatient service package includes a holistic assessment of the person’s psychiatric, social, familial, occupational and physical health needs. The routines and environment of Camber are structured and predictable and will appeal to individuals with ASC.

Service Users are supported in an environment where they feel safe and is reflective of a therapeutic place that promotes principles of person centred care, best interest and recovery in a least restrictive approach. On Camber, we strive to achieve healthy living, improvement of quality of life, community engagement, increased social integration, supported independence and reduction of risk and behaviours that challenge.