Forest Lodge

Forest Lodge
240 Romford Road
Forest Gate
Greater London
E7 9HZ

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0208 768 8050

Forest Lodge is a specialist complex care home with nursing that supports up to 30 male service users and includes 24 hours nursing.

Forest Lodge is located in the Forest Gate area, close to all main shops and transportation within the Borough of Newham. We are situated no more than 10 minutes from the Elizabeth line route at Forest Gate station with access to major links in and out of London and surrounding counties.

Atherton (ground floor) ­9 beds
Supporting male service users of a working age with a neuro degenerative condition, mental health diagnosis, varying degrees of physical disabilities and an expectation to present with behaviours at time that may challenge the service (low level).
Referrals typical from General Hospitals and Neuro Rehabilitation Hospitals.

Atherton (ground floor back) 5 beds 
Supporting male service users of a working age who have an ABI/TBI, most likely coupled with an identified mental health diagnosis. All service users present with behaviours which at times may challenge the service.
Referrals typically from Locked Hospitals (step down) and community services where
the placement has broken down due to challenging behaviours.

Claremont (1st Floor) 16 beds
Supporting male service users typically 65+ who have a neurological condition most likely coupled with an identified mental health diagnosis and who exhibit behaviours that may challenge the service.
Referrals typical from Neuro Rehabilitation Hospitals, Locked rehabilitation Hospitals and
community services where the placement has broken down due to challenging behaviours.

Opening in 2024 – Heartland (2nd Floor) 13 beds
Supporting male services typically 55+ who have an identified mental health diagnosis and nursing needs. The majority of our gentlemen supported on Heartland will reside at this unit under Licence (HMPPS), Conditional Discharge or with oversight from Jigsaw.

We will be registered under the classification of care home with nursing, therefore 24-hour nursing support is available. Service users will have ranging needs from support / management with PEG care /catheter care / urostomy & colostomy management / pain management linked to palliative care / tissue viability care.

Forest Lodge Inclusion Criteria

• 18+
• Complex Needs / Challenging behaviours
• May have a diagnosis of abi/neurocognitive disorders
• May have a mental health diagnosis
• May have physical disabilities and/or complex needs
• May have a range of complex care needs
• May have behaviours that challenge
• May have risks requiring a more robust community placement
• May have a forensic or significant risk history
• May be informal, subject to dols, conditional discharges, cto’s or on licence as directed by the parole board
• May also present with a variety of physical and or neurological diagnoses such as any type of Dementia, Huntington’s, Korsakoff’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

• IQ lower then 60 – Moderate to severe LD in the absence of an established IQ score
• ASD – established
• Organic / neurological disorders
• Severe chronic health conditions
• No incidents scoring 4 on the Overt Aggression Scale for the past 3 months
• No recent history of self-harm or suicide
• No fire setting in the last 12 months
• No sexual aggression (attempted rape) in the last 12 months
• Transgender – in the process of completing legal transition