Neurocognitive & Acquired Brain Injury Disorders

Bramley Health offer Neurocognitive and Acquired Brain Injury Services at three of our specialist Care Homes in the South of London for adult (18+) suffering from neurological conditions that severely affect their behaviour, ability to process information, ability to remember or function independently. Individuals in our care may come from a variety of settings and in some cases they may come from Mental Health inpatient settings having developed dementia or sustained a brain injury. In other cases they may come from failed community placements, acute hospitals, neurorehabilitation services or even secure units. Our services specialises in aggression, agitation, sexual disinhibition, vocalisations and other behaviour that poses a risk to individuals or those around them.

We use well-evidenced methods to reduce risk and incidents and improve quality of life and we are able to reduce medication through the design of our environment and the use of evidence-based non-pharmacological interventions such as dementia care mapping and sensory interventions. We track a variety of outcomes in domains such as meaningful activity, physical health, quality of life and positive risk taking. We offer our services to individuals with neurocognitive/neuropsychiatric conditions such as Frontotemporal Dementia, Huntington’s Disease, Korsakoff Syndrome and Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury.

Our services offer specialist physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry and specialist OT services. This way we are able to cater to complex needs such as significant mobility problems, problems with swallowing, aggressive behaviours and neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Why choose the Neurocognitive Disorders service?

The right environment: Some individuals are trapped in inpatient settings as no nursing home will accept them due to their risks. Due to our specialist model of care and our adapted environment we can manage high levels of risks, challenging behaviours and aggression/Violence.

The right level of security: Some individuals are in services that have an excessive level of security due to their previous forensic history. Our services can accommodate patients with a forensic history, may be subject to MAPPA, may be subject to DoLs or may be informal.

Cost effective: We offer a service that will minimise the need for staff providing continuous support. Our programme is effective in reducing the amount of sedation and we optimise physical health. This approach provides the best service for our Service Users that is is safe, bespoke to their condition and cost-effective in the long run.