Learning Disabilities

Bramley Health offer two Learning Disability Care Home services at Ballater House and Shepherds Corner.

Our services cater to the needs of men and woman with a mild to moderate Learning Disability who require a specialist residential setting in the community. The main aim of our services is to help individuals reduce the risk they may pose to themselves and/or others and to support them in gaining the recovery skills they require to enable them to live in a community setting.

Ballater House and Shepherds Corner work closely with our Service Users, Care Coordinators, Social Workers, Responsible Commissioner and Family Members to offer a safe and seamless transition into our care and reduce the risks of relapsing back into inpatient services.

Our services are also designed for individuals with Learning Disabilities that may have a history of poor response to treatment, mental health problems, substance misuse, impulsive and aggressive behaviour, and complex needs. We are also able to accept individuals that may have been living in other community services but are experiencing deterioration in their presentation and are can no longer have their needs met.