Napier Lodge

153 Portsmouth Road
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0208 768 8050

Napier Lodge is located in Horndean and 10 minutes from the A3.  Close to Havant, which is 4 miles and 3 miles west of the West Sussex Border. We are 18 minutes away from Portsmouth and 2.2 miles from the nearest railway station.

Napier Lodge is a specialist care home with nursing for adult males with Mental Health, challenging behaviour, and complex needs. It offers a safe and comfortable environment for up to 23 service users who would benefit from a male only service.

The service focusses on supporting service users that may at times present with complex and challenging behaviours and may also require nursing input. Service users may present with difficulties in processing information, function independently in the community and need additional support with everyday life tasks in the least restrictive setting.

The service is divided into two floors:

Cavendish (ground floor) ­11 beds
Supporting male service users of a working age with a mental health, neurological conditions, or an acquired brain injury.

Marlow (first floor) ­12 beds
Supporting male service users typically 65+ who have a mental health presentation, neurological /neurodegenerative condition and require additional nursing support due to deterioration in health and mobility.

This purpose-built environment provides modern amenities. Each unit has a communal therapy kitchen, communal lounge, dining room and wet room with disabled access. Bedrooms are light, airy, and spacious with en-suite facilities. We have two spacious gardens separated by a fence with their own entrance. There is plenty of visitor car parking available.

The service can cater to the needs of individuals subject to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) restrictions, Community Treatment Orders (CTO’s) – including individuals applicable to Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DoLS) and on Licence as directed by the Parole Board.

As we are registered under the classification of care home with 24-hour nursing support, service users will have ranging needs from support with management of PEG care / catheter care / urostomy & colostomy management / pain management linked to palliative care / tissue viability care.

Referrals may typically be from low and medium secure units, neuro rehabilitation hospitals, locked rehabilitation hospitals, older persons mental health services and community services where placements have broken down due to challenging behaviours.

Inclusion Criteria

  • 18 +
  • Complex Needs/Challenging behaviours 
  • May have a diagnosis of abi/neurocognitive disorders.
  • May have a mental health diagnosis.
  • May have physical disabilities and/or complex needs.
  • May have a range of complex care needs.
  • May have behaviours that challenge.
  • May have risks requiring a more robust community placement.
  • May have a forensic or significant risk history.
  • May be informal, subject to dols, conditional discharges, cto’s or on licence as directed by the parole board.
  • May also present with a variety of physical and or neurological diagnoses such as any type of Dementia, Huntington’s, Korsakoff’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Exclusion Criteria

  • IQ lower then 60 – Moderate to severe LD in the absence of an established IQ score 
  • ASD – established.
  • Organic / Neurological disorders 
  • Severe chronic health conditions 
  • No incidents scoring 4 on the Overt Aggression Scale for the past 3 months. 
  • No recent history of self-harm or suicide
  • No fire setting in the last 12 months 
  • No sexual aggression (attempted rape) in the last 12 months 
  • Transgender – in the process of completing legal transition.