About Us

Bramley Health is a specialist Health and Social Care provider based in the South of England. Our key focus is to support individuals with complex and challenging needs to maximize their independence and to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We are dedicated to supporting the needs of our Service Users and our people and constantly aspire to be one of the leading Mental Health and Social Care providers in the South of England.

Bramley Health has been supporting Service User for over three decades and has a strong leadership and clinical team that offer a wealth of knowledge, specialist clinical expertise, operational efficiency, safe and effective services and positive outcomes for our Service Users. We pride ourselves on the ability to support Service Users in the least restrictive manner and on the fact that we support numerous Service Users back into the community every year.

Bramley Health aims to provide a safe and homely environment for each of our Service Users, no matter what their needs, but also to improve their way of life now, and for the future. We achieve this through outcome-focused models of care with an integrated care pathway across all our services. 

We at Bramley Health are passionate about providing the highest standards of care, treatment and education to our service users. We do this within a safe, therapeutic and flexible environment that enables each individual to achieve their potentials. Our ultimate purpose is to work closely with the individuals entrusted to our care whilst in partnership with their families, commissioners and other stakeholders, to enable the individuals take control of their lives.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a fulfilling working environment that encourages personal and professional development. Employees at Bramley Health are expected to demonstrate and deliver the highest standards of care, treatment, intervention and education. We strive to support this by fostering a culture of transparency, evidence based practice and a culture of continuous learning, development and improvement.

We aim to continually deliver quality, innovation and value for money services and their family members. We ensure that our services are safe and effectively regulated. We measure our success by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes, effectiveness and user experience to continually drive improvement. Our aspiration is to be a beacon of consistently good practice for other health and social care providers by being transparent about safety, quality, compliance and governance.

Our Services

We have a broad range of specialist services and pathways which include:

Low Secure Mental Health Service
Mental Health
12-18 Week High Dependency Rehabilitation Services
Acute Mental Health Services
Learning Disability Services
Acquired Brain Injury and Neurocognitive Disorders Services

Why Choose Bramley Health

Bramley Health strive to provide an expert, affordable, responsive service for all our Service Users. We are committed to providing every individual with a tailored care plan that allows them to retain their dignity, personal identity and freedom of choice. Our care is delivered in a non-judgemental way and we don’t believe there is a standard route of recovery for everyone, instead each and every care plan is individually devised and tailored to the needs of every one of our Service Users.

We are continuously developing and improving our services with the aim to be a centre of excellence and to be the recognised experts in the field of Health and Social Care. Our services provide a seamless transition for Service Users in our care, no matter what their circumstance or specific challenges and our care pathways are based on measured clinical outcomes. 

From the point of admission through to discharge we use the process of clinical mapping, whereby we regularly assess and adjust each Service Users care plan. This ensures maximum engagement and rehabilitation opportunities for our Service Users throughout their admission. We believe excellence should come as standard and we are constantly looking at ways of improving our services and Service User experience.

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