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The female Challenging Behaviour and Complex Needs Service at The Langford Centre is specifically designed to cater to the needs of women with complex, long-term psychiatric conditions, including Personality Disorders with behaviours that challenge and increased risks to themselves and others.

Service Description

Some females may present with ongoing risks that make it impossible for them to transition safely to the community, are ineligible for Low Secure services yet difficult to manage for standard rehabilitation services. Our service provides the interventions, procedural and relational security to bridge this gap. The service caters to those whose condition has required prolonged hospitalisation in secure or nonsecure services, including individuals with many failed attempts to live in the community. Our philosophy of care puts our Service Users at the centre and is designed to work collaboratively with carers, commissioners and other stakeholders to promote recovery and progress towards a safe transition back in to the community.

Consultant psychiatrist and junior doctors 

Specialised in the treatment of women with complex long-term Mental Health problems with significant risk histories with the aim to optimise medication and maximise physical and mental wellbeing.

Occupational therapy 

Focused on assessing the needs of females with long-term complex Mental Health problems, particularly those hard to engage. Our Occupational Therapist prepares bespoke programmes to maximise activity, social inclusion, function and minimise behavioural outbursts. Selected activities that are consistent with the background and personal history of the women in our care that can be carried out safely. They range from basic leisure activities to voluntary and vocational endeavours.

Consultant clinical and forensic psychologists

Specialising in the assessment and treatment of females with complex Mental Health problems with particular expertise in risk assessment and in delivering various specialised treatments for those with a history of self-harming, personality disorder and offending.


Trained to support rehabilitation, promote engagement, and maximise both physical and mental health. Our nurses are experienced in managing self-harm, aggressive and agitated behaviours and minimising risk. 

Social work 

Focuses on empowering and enabling our Service Users to fulfil, understand and manage critical social factors including religious beliefs, relationships, employment, housing and finances to promote confidence and instil key skills for independent functioning.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Women age 18+
  • Primary diagnosis of long term mental health of personality disorder
  • May have secondary diagnoses e.G. Mild learning disability
  • Complex needs and behaviours that challenge
  • May be treatment-resistant
  • May have failed multiple attempts to transition to the community
  • May have a history of violence
  • May have a history of sex offending
  • May be detained under the mental health act (including restricted sections), subject to dols or informal
  • May have a history of arson
  • May have offence-related behaviours
  • May have a history of repeated suicide attempts
  • May present with self-injurious behaviours