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Our High Dependency Rehabilitation Programme

Our 12-18 week inpatient High Dependency Rehabilitation programme is available at Glenhurst Lodge (Maidstone, Kent) and The Langford Centre (Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex).The programme is suited to meet the needs of individuals who have had a prolonged or cyclical admissions to PICU, acute, secure and specialist services who have engaged in all necessary interventions but require a short, focused placement to consolidate and build on skills to promote successful discharge in to the community.

Alternatively, some individuals may simply be unready or unwilling to engage in the necessary interventions offered by long-term placements, rendering a long-term admission as ineffective due to the individual’s current rehabilitation potential. This short-term admission could also support in repatriating Service Users to their home counties of Kent and Sussex to support with transitional discharge plans.

During the short-term, time limited admission to our High Dependency Rehabilitation services, we will offer a 12-18 week programme focused on upskilling our Service Users through Nursing, Social Work, Psychology and Occupational Therapy interventions to understand and manage their Capital Mental Health conditions and associated symptoms and risks. We would also aim to instil adherence and compliance to expectations for their continued care once discharged to a community placement.

It is our expectation that the Service User, Bramley Health MDT and key members from the CMHT involved in their care will collaboratively formulate robust risk management and crisis plans for when the Service User returns to the community, in order to prevent unnecessary readmissions. Throughout the inpatient placement with us, it is expected that CMHT involvement will have incrementally increased and that the Service User spends increasingly more time in their discharge accommodation in line with collaboratively formed transition plans.